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Scorer 20+ Important Notes

Scorer 20.09 update – 9/9/20

It is now possible to offset movements so that the resting boards from one section can be used in the other section.

Default section has been corrected to show the first available section in sort order.

The Admin report - "Player numbers by calendar week" had been modified to show weeks where there is no play inone year.  This allows reporting for covid and loss of player numbers.


Scorer 20.07 update –
Significant changes and IMPORTANT notes

  1. For simplicity of use in smaller clubs, if
    1. the user Admin exists in the club membership
    2. The user Admin has no password
    3. The user Admin has level 9 Admin Password Level
  2. Setup of Pairs events has been simplified with the removal of "Room" and defaulting the first section.
  3. Simple Mitchel movements are the same but all Howell / One-winner movements, Web / Bowman Mitchell movements and other movements are classified as custom movements and are able to be loaded by the user. Many movement csv files are available on the BridgeNZ site for download here, and the process is documented here
  4. If there are custom movements that the club has generated in the old movements and requires them to be moved to the new custom movements then please contact BridgeNZ and email the old movement file.
  5. The option to score multiple sections for a single event and NOT score across sections has been temporarily suspended. The session will be scored across sections.  If the user wishes to score sections independently they are able to create separate events and use the common database procedure found in the Manual.
  6. Handicaps screen has changed significantly for session handicaps.
    Starting pairs are shown and any pair where one or both players do not have a handicap are highlighted.
    Also Handicap button is now RED if there are players with no handicap assigned, and Grey if all the players have handicaps assigned.
  7. Section screen for pairs has “Edit Received Data” button to allow editing of results after upload. This is for expert users only, but allows contract and pair numbers to be changed when going to the web. If pair numbers are changed in the Board Scores then this will allow a match for XML to the web.
  8. Special ladders can now be sent to the web. This means that cross-competition laddres can be run with results going to the web.
  9. Tournament Entries:
    1. There is a button to delete all entries. This is sometimes useful if the entries have been imported into the wrong event.
    2. Import from csv has been fixed to allow for quoted or non-quoted headings in the csv file
  10. Ladders: “Force Qualify List” in the ladders screen will now add pairs and allocated scored to the session selected in the right panel. There was a bug where the score was only added to the final session and not the appropriate session. This option allows the user to add a pair to a ladder after being eliminated from a higher event or to put in a “double substitute” if that is allowed.