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Using Secure FTP for XML

As Microsoft do NOT support Passive mode FTP, it is often useful to use Secure FTP to avoid communications being blocked by firewalls.

The following process moves you to using sftp for your web transfers and is a much nicer method of handling the file transfer process.

BOS Hand Generation and Dealing with Dealer4

Dealing using BOS and Dealer4


With the update to BOS-X  [BOS package 10.13 and later] the DupSoft hand records display slightly differently.

It is important to note that users who have not yet updated to the latest version of BOS should be doing so as soon as practical. If you need help please contact BridgeNZ.

The purpose of this document is to allow the user to configure their system to be able to see all the information previously available without compromising the security of the deals.

The “Normal” process

  1. Start BOS
  2. Create New
  3. Enter the session name [e.g. 19-02-14-Feb Pairs]
  4. Create
  5. Randomise
    The screen which “usually” appears is like this:

    It needs to be changed to look like this:
  6. This will now show the deals on screen, but by choosing “Reverse Order” only the last deal in the set will show on screen, and if an extra board or two are generated (not necessarily dealt) then this will never be an issue.
  7. When “Save is pressed the screen appears like this

    Note that only the last board shows on screen and the makeable status is there for you to see when it finishes.
  8. To save these settings permanently, choose System -> Default Document Settings
  9. Change the settings to the defaults you want, and Save
  10. Next time you generate a set of deals, the last deal will show on screen but you will see the increase in the makeable contracts.

This is a one-off change and you won’t need to do these changes every time you deal – just back to “Normal” but a new normal.

End of year processes in Scorer

Just a reminder that there are several process which should be kept in mind at the end of the year.

Get your really helpful hint document for

Scorer End of Year processing by clicking here

Scorer 18.11 update important notes

Scorer 18.11 update –
Significant changes and IMPORTANT notes

  1. Fix problem with 2 sections in Multiple Teams not producing bws files correctly
  2. Changed scoring grid for Pairs to read directly from Board Scores entered
  3. SQL to update existing data and ensure that Not Played and Phantom boards are entered in grid. User MUST notify BridgeNZ is they get any scoring grid with no NS or EW Pair
  4. New custom movements implemented with ability to automatically generate web, bowman and pivot movements. This will NOT generate a rover web where there are an odd number of tables and odd number of boardsets. It is important for the user to use the Validate Movement button before exiting the movement, and delete any bad movements created.
  5. Tournament Groups now divide more evenly when choosing Rating points (there was a small issue at the boundary values and players were assigned to the higher rated group when on the boundary. Though this could easily be changed manually users may have left these in ignorance).
  6. Handicaps screen has changed significantly for session handicaps.
    Starting pairs are shown and any pair where one or both players do not have a handicap are highlighted.
    Also Handicap button is now RED if there are players with no handicap assigned, and Grey if all the players have handicaps assigned.
  7. Section screen for pairs has “Edit Received Data” button to allow editing of results after upload. This is for expert users only, but allows contract and pair numbers to be changed when going to the web. If pair numbers are changed in the Board Scores then this will allow a match for XML to the web.
  8. Special ladders can now be sent to the web. This means that cross-competition laddres can be run with results going to the web.
  9. Tournament Entries:
    1. There is a button to delete all entries. This is sometimes useful if the entries have been imported into the wrong event.
    2. Import from csv has been fixed to allow for quoted or non-quoted headings in the csv file
  10. Ladders: “Force Qualify List” in the ladders screen will now add pairs and allocated scored to the session selected in the right panel. There was a bug where the score was only added to the final session and not the appropriate session. This option allows the user to add a pair to a ladder after being eliminated from a higher event or to put in a “double substitute” if that is allowed.
  11. Restore function now allows for the global change of the restore folder. This makes it a lot easier to restore to another machine for recovery or testing purposes.

Scorer 18.17 update notes

This release 14/5/19
Scorer update 

  • Change to Swiss Pairs had broken upload of single event results. Fixed here.
  • If Multiple events are run with Swiss Pairs then the events had be added to the common database 
    This has been fixed and events may be added to the common database in any order.

Scorer Overview

NZ Scorer is the most used Bridge Scoring package in New Zealand

Scorer User Manual

The manual can be downloaded here.

This is the manual distributed with NZ Scorer version 18.

It is possible that there are some features in Scorer which have been inadvertently omitted from the manual.

Below are some helpful hints and links

  • Running two pairs events with one computer using BridgePads or BriageTabs
  • Scorer is now able to run Swiss Pairs using XIMPS
  • Swiss Pairs - either Datum OR XIMP will now recommend a VP scale to use.  See the link below for the reason why.
  • Handicaps have now been merged so the "Manual Handicaps" are stored in teh database and will not chenge unless the user chooses to use the "Calculate Handicap" button or edits the handicaps manually.  These handicaps do not disappear at the end of the year.

Here are some other interresting articles related to the changes in Scorer:

  1. The rationale behind "The Neuberg Formula" by Max Bavin, Chief Tournament Director, EBU. 
  2. VP Theory for XIMP and Butler scoring.