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The philosophy of BridgeNZ is to help everyone enjoy bridge. On this site you can find: details about many NZ bridge clubs as well as their session results. You will find products and information which will be useful to you whether you are playing at home or in a club, or just wanting to get a gift for a friend.

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We know you are passionate about bridge.
We are here to help you in all aspects of the game. See for yourself and get in touch.



Technical / IT / Directing

Support is offered from Wanganui via Team Viewer. If your computer is on the internet, then we can connect and help. If not we can provide support by phone or email.

Cat (Sluff)


... Call the Director for the long Paws.  Sadly Sluff passed away 2 March 2017 with kidney failure.



Don't hesitate to give Pat a call or send an email to discuss your needs.

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