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Article relating to the 2017 Laws


This is a complete list of changes officially released on or before 15 July 2017. The following is from the official WBF website:

“The 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge are now published...

June 20 2017: Following a meeting of the WBF Management Committee, Law 26B is amended…”

Although Law 26B has been amended, the full Law 26 is below.

For a format which is suitable to replace the current law click here for PDF download.

    No Lead Restrictions
    When an offending player’s call is withdrawn and it is replaced by a comparable call (see Law 23A), then if he becomes a defender there are no lead restrictions for his side. Law 16C does not apply, but see Law 23C.
    When an offending player’s call is withdrawn and it is not replaced by a comparable call, then if he becomes a defender declarer may, at the offender’s partner’s first turn to lead (which may be the opening lead) prohibit offender’s partner from leading any (one) suit which has not been specified in the legal auction by the offender.  Such prohibition continues for as long as the offender’s partner retains the lead.

There were also two typographical errors in the released version as follows:

Pg 42: Law 23C the reference “.. 30B1(b)(ii) ..” should be  “.. 30B1(b)(i)..”

Pg 113: Penalty – Repeated violations of disclosure .. “40B4(b)” should be “40B3(b)”

Please click here for pdf of law changed since publication

WBF Laws Committee Commentary on the Laws

Please click HERE for PDF Download