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Movement csv files

When Importing the csv files into the New Custom Movements, the user is able to set the number of boards per round to achieve the total number of boards for the session.

Thus one might choose to create three movements from the 3 table Howell csv file to give 15, 20 and 25 board movements.

Where there is _M in the filename of a Howell movement, this indicates it is from McKinnon. Where _H is in the filename of a Howell movement it indicates the movement is a HESITATION. [NOTE: _H2 indicates a double-hesitaion.]

When there is "as" in the filename the movement contains arrow-switch rounds, so the stationary pairs play the EW cards. This balances the movement for comparisons.

Where the movement name has S then N and E in the filename (e.g. 6R_9R_SN1_E2_E3_Howell.csv) S indicates the following are the Stationary pairs (here N/S 1, E/W 2 and 3) but remember if there is an arrow-switch then these pairs may either move around in the seats OR turn the boards so they are playing the correct cards.


Although it is not a requirement, it is strongly advised that the naming of these files in the user's system be the same as the downloaded files for easy determination of their origin.


 Howell / 1-winner movements

PLEASE NOTE: When importing these files for custom movements, click the "Howell/1-winner" radio button to ensure they are applied correctly.

Some of the movements use Arrow-switches from "Movements, a fair approach". In determining the arrow-switch rounds, computer modelling was used to determine the optimum comparisons to achieve the best balance. These movments are marked "as" and the numbers following indicate the rounds where arrow-switches occur.

The Arrow-switch movements have been separated to a group below.

e.g. 6Table-8Round-H2-as-5-6-7-8.csv  has arrow-switch in rounds 5, 6 and 7

2Table-3Rounds Barometer Howell : 2T_Howell.csv

3Table-5Round-Barometer-Howell : 3T_Bar-Howell.csv

3Table-5Rounds : 3T_5R.csv

4Table-7Rounds : 4T_7R_M.csv

4Table-6Rounds : 4T_6R.csv

5Table-7Rounds : 5T_7R_S1N-3N-5E.csv

5Table-8Rounds : 5T_8R_S1N-4N.csv

5Table-9Rounds : 5T_9R_M.csv

 6Table_7Rounds_Hesitation : 6T-Hesitation.csv

6Table-8Rounds : 6T_8R_Howell.csv

6Table-9Rounds : 6T_9R_SN1_E2_E3_Howell.csv

6Table-11Rounds : 6T_11R_M.csv

7Table-8Rounds : 7T_8R_H.csv

 7Table-9Rounds : 7T-9R-Hwl.csv

7Table-12Rounds : 7T-12R-Howell.csv

7Table-13Rounds : 7T_13R_M.csv

8Table-9Rounds-H : 8Table-9Round-H.csv

 8Table-11Rounds : 8T_11R.csv

8Table-12Rounds : 8T_12R_Howell.csv

8Table-13Rounds : 8T_13R_Howell.csv

8Table-15Rounds : 8T_15R_M.csv

9Table-12Rounds : 9T_12R_Howell.csv

9Table-13Rounds : 9T_13R_Howell.csv

9Table-9Rounds-Interwoven-Howell : 9T-Interwoven-Howell-ALL_MOVE.csv

10Table-11Rounds : 10T_11R_H.csv 

10Table-12Rounds : 10T_12R.csv 

10Table-13Rounds : 10T_13R_Howell.csv 

11Table-12Rounds_H : 11T_12R_H.csv

11Table-13Rounds_H2 : 11T_13R_H2.csv

11Table-15Rounds : 11T_15R.csv

12Table-13Rounds-H : 12T_13R_H.csv 

12Table-15Rounds : 12T_15R.csv

---- Arrow-Switch movements

5Table-6Round-H-AS : 5Table-6Round-H-as-5-6.csv

5Table-7Round-H2-AS : 5Table-7Round-H2-as-7.csv

6Table-7Rounds-H-AS : 6Table-7Round-H-as-5-7.csv

6Table-8Rounds-H2-AS : 6Table-8Round-H2-as-5-6-7-8.csv

7Table-8Rounds-H-AS : 7Table-8Round-H-as-7-8.csv

7Table-9Rounds-H2-AS : 7Table-9Round-H2-as-7-9.csv

8Table-9Rounds-H-AS : 8Table-9Round-H-as-4-8-9.csv

8Table-10Rounds-H2-AS : 8Table-10Round-H2-as-6-7-8-10.csv

9Table-10Rounds-H-AS : 9Table-10Round-H-as-7-9-10.csv

9Table-11Rounds-H2-AS : 9Table-11Round-H2-as-6-7-9-11.csv

11Table-12Rounds-H-AS : 11Table_12Round_H-as-7-8-9-12.csv

11Table-13Rounds_H2-AS : 11Table_13Round_H2-as-6-7-8-11-13.csv

11Table-15Rounds-AS : 11T_15R-AS5-6-7-15.csv

12Table-13Rounds-H-AS : 12Table_13Round_H as-6-8-11-13.csv 

12Table-15Rounds-AS : 12T_15R_AS6-8-10-11-15.csv


Scrambled Mitchell

The following scrambled mitchell movements are from "Movements, a fair approach". In determining the arrow-switch rounds, computer modelling was used to determine the optimum comparisons to achieve the best balance. 

Another section below will give less arrow-switches to make the movements simpler for the club director whilst still getting a good balance of comparison with other pairs.

13Table-13Rounds-Scrambled : 13T-26Bd-Scrambled.csv


Saturday, 14 December 2019

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