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Terms of Trade

Terms of Trade

BridgeNZ (2004) Limited (hereafter referred to as BridgeNZ) primarily supply goods related to the game of Bridge.

BridgeNZ supplies to:

  • Bridge clubs,
  • Home players
  • Other organisations who organise or support players of the game of Bridge
  • Samba/Canasta players 
  • Players of other games which use a standard 54 card deck (incl. Jokers)

When goods are ordered, BridgeNZ follows the process as below:

Bridge Clubs

Orders will generally be processed, shipping arranged, orders dispatched and invoices sent to clubs. Standard terms of payment are 10 calendar days from date of invoice unless prior arrangements have been made.

BridgeNZ reserve the right to:

  • Withhold orders from clubs who have a history of non-payment or late payment.
  • Charge late payment fees at the rate of 2% per calendar month or part thereof with a minimum of $15 for overdue accounts.
  • Require pre-payment for high value goods.

Other customers

Orders will be processed, shipping arranged and invoice sent with payment due before dispatch.

On rare occasions goods may be dispatched before payment, in which case they are subject to tha tbove conditions as for Bridge Clubs.

Goods fit for purpose

Products supplied are fit for purpose and have a return-to-base warranty.


Software licence codes purchased through BridgeNZ may be returned and cancelled if unused with written assurance that all copies of the code have been destroyed / deleted by the purchasor and will not be used in future by that user or any associate to attempt to activate the software. In this case BridgeNZ will supply a full refund of the purchase price.

If the user activates a software licence and agrees to the suppliers terms and conditions then BridgeNZ can no longer offer any recompence in part or in full. The user is then deemed to be a customer of the software vendor

Our History

The Beginning

Independent Bridge Stationery Supplies (IBSS) started as a small business that specialised in the game of Bridge. It was setup in Palmerston North, New Zealand in 1990, primarily to supply low-cost stationery to bridge clubs. The business grew steadily.

First Move

The business moved to Porirua in 1998 as dictated by a career move for Martin, who worked with computer systems in a full-time role. Steps were taken not to grow too quickly, with the support for customers being the most important aspect of the business.


IBSS re-branded as BridgeNZ (registering the company BridgeNZ (2004) Limited), extending the range of bridge accessories and resources supplied to Clubs and individuals.

Second Move

In 2006, BridgeNZ moved to Johnsonville. The increase in demand for the products and services being provided created a need to provide a bridge shop, which was open by appointment.

Third Move

In 2008, BridgeNZ moved to 63 Keith Street, WANGANUI. Developing the NZ Bridge Scoring Programme and integrating the latest table scoring devices - BridgePad!
A philosophical shift comes because we believe that Bridge will suffer heavily if we do not incorporate modern technology into our game and deliver immediate results to our clients - the players.


BridgePad - the most advanced Electronic Table Scoring system at the time

BridgeScorer - Technology progressed to the "touch-screen" of the BridgeScorer, but still with the custom hardware restriction.

BridgeTab - FREEDOM! Jannersten Forlag, the makers of BridgeScorer wisely decided to port the product to Android and freed up the software from the binds of custom hardware. At the same time the "base Station" or "Receiver" was changed to standard wireless networking.
Now it is possible to use entry-level android devices and standard wireless networks to do your electronic scoring.
It also represents a significant reduction in cost to the clubs on previous and other available systems for electronic scoring.

NZ Scorer - Developments on the NZCBA Bridge Scorer. Support is now offered with this product - bugs are being fixed and progress is being made to implement positive changes.
Porting to SQL Server and re-writing some of the code to add features is not inexpensive, but remains a priority. BridgeNZ has invested heavily in modernising the package and adding features, and offers very high levels of support for customers as well as giving them an input into development. (Being aware that it is not possible to do all things for all people of course).

Card dealing machines - the latest Dealer 4 machines do not require barcodes on the cards. In fact the latest Dealer4+ can be run stand-alone with files on a USB memory stick for the dealing source, though this facility is not significant for many clubs as computers are so inexpensive these days.

BridgeNZ timer clock, developed by BridgeNZ and manufactured in New Zealand. This has now been depricated in favor of a web-based timer see BridgeNZ Timer

Quality playing cards and duplicate boards - suitable for club and home use. BridgeNZ supplies 100% plastic playing cards, has the agency for Piatnik cards from Austria - an elegant range of quality plastic coated playing cards in gift boxes, and stocks a wide range of Carta Mundi cards from Belgium.

Books and software for learning and enjoyment. BridgeNZ is the agent in New Zealand for Jack Bridge. Although we were long time suppliers of Bridge Baron, it has been impossible to get reliable support in recent years, so we have sadly discontinued supply of this product.

Attractive giftware for your bridge-playing friends and family.

Directing services and training sessions by arrangement.

Please browse this site for your bridge needs, and if you don't find what you seek, then please don't hesitate to e-mail or phone with your enquiry.

BridgeNZ Philosophy

The philosophy of BridgeNZ is to help EVERYONE enjoy bridge, offer the opportunity for those enjoying this mind sport to enhance their knowledge and provide support for those who support us.