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Terms of Trade

Terms of Trade

BridgeNZ (2004) Limited (hereafter referred to as BridgeNZ) primarily supply goods related to the game of Bridge.

BridgeNZ supplies to:

  • Bridge clubs,
  • Home players
  • Other organisations who organise or support players of the game of Bridge
  • Samba/Canasta players 
  • Players of other games which use a standard 54 card deck (incl. Jokers)

When goods are ordered, BridgeNZ follows the process as below:

Bridge Clubs

Orders will generally be processed, shipping arranged, orders dispatched and invoices sent to clubs. Standard terms of payment are 10 calendar days from date of invoice unless prior arrangements have been made.

BridgeNZ reserve the right to:

  • Withhold orders from clubs who have a history of non-payment or late payment.
  • Charge late payment fees at the rate of 2% per calendar month or part thereof with a minimum of $15 for overdue accounts.
  • Require pre-payment for high value goods.

Other customers

Orders will be processed, shipping arranged and invoice sent with payment due before dispatch.

On rare occasions goods may be dispatched before payment, in which case they are subject to tha tbove conditions as for Bridge Clubs.

Goods fit for purpose

Products supplied are fit for purpose and have a return-to-base warranty.


Software licence codes purchased through BridgeNZ may be returned and cancelled if unused with written assurance that all copies of the code have been destroyed / deleted by the purchasor and will not be used in future by that user or any associate to attempt to activate the software. In this case BridgeNZ will supply a full refund of the purchase price.

If the user activates a software licence and agrees to the suppliers terms and conditions then BridgeNZ can no longer offer any recompence in part or in full. The user is then deemed to be a customer of the software vendor