Scorer User Manual

The manual can be downloaded here.

This is the manual distributed with NZ Scorer version 18.

It is possible that there are some features in Scorer which have been inadvertently omitted from the manual.

Below are some helpful hints and links

  • Running two pairs events with one computer using BridgePads or BriageTabs
  • Scorer is now able to run Swiss Pairs using XIMPS
  • Swiss Pairs - either Datum OR XIMP will now recommend a VP scale to use.  See the link below for the reason why.
  • Handicaps have now been merged so the "Manual Handicaps" are stored in teh database and will not chenge unless the user chooses to use the "Calculate Handicap" button or edits the handicaps manually.  These handicaps do not disappear at the end of the year.

Here are some other interresting articles related to the changes in Scorer:

  1. The rationale behind "The Neuberg Formula" by Max Bavin, Chief Tournament Director, EBU. 
  2. VP Theory for XIMP and Butler scoring.



Saturday, 17 December 2016

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