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Using Secure FTP for XML

As Microsoft do NOT support Passive mode FTP, it is often useful to use Secure FTP to avoid communications being blocked by firewalls.

The following process moves you to using sftp for your web transfers and is a much nicer method of handling the file transfer process.

Please follow these steps if the pairs results did not appear on the bridgenz results page:

1. In Scorer Options FTP Options

ensure the Server is -s

2. Send the XML for the latest pairs event from scorer

3. Start a windows explorer window and go to 

If no S:\ on your system then C:\NZB Scorer

3. find the file FTPStart.bat and double-click on that file

In the DOS window that opens it will ask if you want to update the authentication key - type Y then press enter.


Now you are all done and the results will go to the web.

Resend any results that you can not see on the web.


Tuesday, 23 July 2019

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