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Update of BridgeTab Android App Huawei

  1. Set up a google account for the club, say
    This should be separate from the standard gamil for club as all tablets will have access to it.
  2. Use a simple password like MyPass999
  3. Start the tablet
  4. Press on SETTINGS
  5. stroke down from above top of screen to centre twice
  6. Press Shortcuts
  7. Presssettings
  8. Yes
  9. Press Manage Apps (need to move screen up to see)
  10. Press Default App settings (bottom of screen)
  11. Press Launcher
  12. Press Huawei Home
  13. Press Home  "O" at centre bottom of screen
  14. Find Google Play Store
    It should be in the icons on the front page
  15. It may be necessary to log in to google at this point
  16. In Google play store press in the top search bar, and start typing bridgetab
  17. Select the BridgeTab app logo on screen
  18. Press Update
  19. After the install, press Open
  20. Press the square icon to the right of the home "O" to show recent apps
  21. Press the Settings option which shows
  22. Press BridgeTab
  23. Press Change
  24. Press Home "O"
Thursday, 02 May 2019

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