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Setting Up BridgeTab Table Unit

BridgeTab Table Units Android Tablet

 BridgeNZ offer assistance with setup and updates at very reasonable rates. Call Pat on 027 404 4648 to reserve time for assistance.

  1. "BridgeTab" is an Android app that we recommend you run on a 8" Android tablet
  2. .The app is a free download from Google Play Store, and the free download automatically starts in Dummy mode allowing you to see the features available.
  3. To use BridgeTabs to score in your Bridge Sessions requires:
    1. A Scoring package such as NZ Scorer (from BridgeNZ).
    2. BOS (Download form Jannersten Forlag) installed on a Windows based PC.
    3. Wireless network access for your Android tablets to talk to the computer (no internet required, but recommended).
    4. A licence for each connection during a session (A free trial 15-table licence for 30 days is available initially).
    5. As many Android tablets as you have tables in the session.
    6. Someone smart enough to set them up (Commercial Support is available from BridgeNZ)

More information

For a pdf showing how to use the Dummy mode showing the most commonly used features of BridgeTab click here

For licence pricing - based on purchase on the web with CC click here

For BOS download Latest BOS download

PLEASE READ FULLY THE "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" AND "LICENCE AGREEMENT" documented before submitting your licence application.

NOTE: After installing the BOS update, it is necessary to save a result from a bridgetab before some other functions are available.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

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