Scorer update - May 2019


Changes in Scorer 18 - For latest release notes click here


Scorer 18 continues to develop and more information is directly in the database.

The major changes are in performance, the availability of more movements, and the ease of generating and importing custom movements with the “new custom movements” tools.

Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017

Latest Law book released

The Laws of Duplicate Bridge are required, by the consitiution of the World Bridge Federation, to be reviewed at least every 10 years.  The latest review is complete and ratified and BridgeNZ have published the Laws in New Zealand.

Implementation in NZ is 1 August, 2017. 


Please read the article in this link

2017 Law 26 change by WBF

and download the replacement Law 26

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X-IMP Scoring

X-IMP scoring for pairs and Swiss Pairs

BridgeNZ has now implemented X-IMP scoring where the total X-IMPS are divided by the number of comparisons. For Swiss Pairs the total of these X-IMPS, rounded to the nearest IMP, is converted to VP's.

Timer Clock


BridgeNZ has released a free timer clock for those with internet connection.

This is available from the BridgeNZ web site menu or Scorer can start this from the session.

BridgeTab for Android

BridgeTab has been released by Jannersten.

The two devices (BridgeScorer and BridgeTab) will seamlessly operate together in a session, as they use the same control** software. BridgeTab Android software is free (from Google Play Store) and server licencing is very reasonable.
The BridgeTab works on any android phone or tablet connected to a standard wireless network so no more custom hardware required.
For more information email Pat

** The latest version of BOS is required


Microsoft has released some updates during lockdown.

Some of these take a while to install - Please check your computers and do the required updates


BBO Help

Until lockdown drops and clubs return, BBO has been a much in demand resource for Bridge Players.

This link takes you to a series of YouTube videos to help you with BBO - an excellent resource

BBO YouTube Videos