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Golf and bridge gifts

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CARD sale ends

BridgeNZ thank those supporters of our products and services by continuing very special pricing on 100% plastic cards for those clubs using Scorer, Dealer4 and our web result hosting.

The general special for individuals and other clubs has now finished, but you still get great value from our 25% discount on boxes of 36 decks of 100% plastic playing cards.

Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017

Latest Law book released

The Laws of Duplicate Bridge are required, by the consitiution of the World Bridge Federation, to be reviewed at least every 10 years.  The latest review is complete and ratified and BridgeNZ have published the Laws in New Zealand.

Implementation in NZ is 1 August, 2017. 


Please read the article in this link

2017 Law 26 change by WBF

and download the replacement Law 26

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Scorer update - January 2017

Speed up Pairs and prepare for automatic masterpoints


Score has had a couple of changes this month. The new master-points system that NZB are designing has had an impact and the first phases are available with version 17.13 and 17.14 : These changes will NOT be put into prior versions.


Supplementary notes on new C-point system


NZ Bridge Inc. have requested developers of scoring software to make changes of the following nature:

· C-point files are sent off when the results button is pressed.

· If changes are made to the session, then the results are re-sent – at the NZB end these new results will completely replace the original set sent.

· The complete documentation for the NZB spec is available at:,listing,3034,website-update.html

Current Status

BridgeNZ have made changes to Scorer to enable the C-points from pairs, Swiss Pairs and Teams sessions to be sent immediately. This is activated by ticking the box in the Scorer Options -> Scoring Options screen labelled “Send C Points On Results”

IMPORTANT NOTE: If this is set and the C Points are sent then this is ONLY A TEST SYSTEM CURRENTLY. These C-points will NOT be used until NZB goes live, and the usual methods of sending C-points will need to be followed also.

If the computer is not connected to the internet at the time of calculating the results, then the result files will be stored on the computer and sent when scorer is next started and connected to the internet.

NZB have requested ladders also, but they want average scores across sessions weighted by the number of boards. This may be impractical with the myriad of ways that clubs like to calculate their ladders from sum of raw scores to allowing 5 out of 9 sessions with up to 2 subs.

For tournaments the ladder results can be sent with the “Final CPoints Ladder” button on the ladders screen.

There is also a button for “Final CPoints Ladder” on both the Swiss pairs and Teams screens.


NZB wish to use the FTP protocol for transferring the information. The unfortunate part is that Microsoft FTP does not support passive mode transfers, and thus it may be necessary for extra work to be done on some systems to allow FTP through the firewall/anti-virus software from the specific site hosting the NZB system.

Alternatively BridgeNZ may choose to deliver an alternative ftp package that will allow for the passive mode connection, but may still require configuration on the club computer.

The sign that the FTP is not working will be that a black screen with the FTP commands will come up when scorer is started or when the results are sent and this will hang and not go away. The FTP will eventually time out as the request for file information from the server will not be received through the firewall.


X-IMP Scoring

X-IMP scoring for pairs and Swiss Pairs

BridgeNZ has now implemented X-IMP scoring where the total X-IMPS are divided by the number of comparisons. For Swiss Pairs the total of these X-IMPS, rounded to the nearest IMP, is converted to VP's.

Timer Clock


BridgeNZ has released a free timer clock for those with internet connection.

This is available from the BridgeNZ web site menu or Scorer can start this from the session.

New Scorer Update

Updates to Scorer - Process


From the last throws of Scorer 14 the update process has been simplified.

Now NZ Scorer V17 has significant enhancements and easier than ever to use.

It is strongly recommended that clubs purchased the annual updates.

Whilst other suppliers may suggest they give "free" updates the cost must be covered somewhere, and generally the result hosting is much more expensive to compensate.  BridgeNZ votes for transparency and the result hosting is much more modest reflecting the importance of progress in Scorer.

These provide important enhancements and fixes.

The date for annual version releases has been changed to 1 July.  The updates are a continuous process so there is no reason to delay the update for fear of change as all changes are there to enhance the functionality and respond to client feedback.


BridgeTab for Android

BridgeTab has been released by Jannersten.

The two devices (BridgeScorer and BridgeTab) will seamlessly operate together in a session, as they use the same control** software. BridgeTab Android software is free (from Google Play Store) and server licencing is very reasonable.
The BridgeTab works on any android phone or tablet connected to a standard wireless network so no more custom hardware required.
For more information email Pat

** The latest version of BOS is required