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Scorer Resources

Please note: Full install code for versions 11 to 17 are no longer available for download

To update from Scorer 17 to Scorer18 please contact Pat

[NOTE: Patches are available automatically for the latest version, for change of version the update must be requested and is available automatically once payment is made]



Since Feb 2014 patches have been made available automatically. Scorer checks on the internet for updates on login and brings up a notice to inform clients that the update is available.

The option is available to do the update immediately or postpone.

BridgeNZ use a commercial licence for Team Viewer support. This enables us to work with clients on their computer over the internet on training and support opportunities.

For one-off support - club or individual cliek the link below and run the application - let BridgeNZ know the ID and password.  This is secure!

BridgeNZ Team Viewer Quick Support

Most clients have the Team Viewer Host installed.  This means that the Team Viewer client is running as soon as the computer is started.  The advantage here is that the person at the computer does not need to do anything technical - they just need to call and say "Help!" and we can be there to assist.