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2017 Laws and subsequent changes

2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge

NZ Bridge Inc have an official implementation date for the new Laws of 1 August.

BridgeNZ have published the laws, and since that publication there have been two changes, one a typographical error in the original laws, for thich an erratum is included - and the other a major change to Law 26B.

The changes are available at https://www.dropbox.com/s/txmxzl6u4ib1oyg/LAW%2026%20-%20CHANGE%20SINCE%20PUBLICATION.pdf?dl=0 

The link above should be printed and kept with your Law book to ensure Law 26 is implemented correctly.  The text size and format have been reproduced to fit in the book should you want to replace the current law, either in entirity or just Law 26B.

Martin Oyston, BridgeNZ - 14 July, 2017