Results from Scorer to BridgeNZ site

The server for BridgeNZ has been moved to another computer.

As a consequence, the transfer process on your computer may need fixing.

Please follow these steps if the pairs results did not appear on the bridgenz results page:

1. In Scorer Options FTP Options

ensure the Server is -s

2. Send the XML for the latest pairs event from scorer

3. Start a windows explorer window and go to 

If no S:\ on your system then C:\NZB Scorer

3. find the file FTPStart.bat and double-click on that file

In the DOS window that opens it will ask if you want to update the authentication key - type Y then press enter.


Now you are all done and the results will go to the web.

Resend any results that you can not see on the web.

Apologies for the issue - our provider moved servers but this was aborted late Friday and the move will happen at a more convenient time.

Friday, 12 April 2019

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